My name is Bronwyn Sibley and I am originally from New Zealand so a lot of my

 designs are influenced by my New Zealand origin.


I grew up in a small village in New Zealand called Maketu, came to  England in 1989 where I got married and had a family.  

 I have a background in horticulture and gardening  has been my main job for years but  I have always loved art  and making things so I decided to have a go at making N.Z style sculptures as Xmas presents for my husband's family. People saw them,  asked me to make some for them and then my daughter posted them on Facebook and orders started coming in and it grew from there with the help of my husband and kids.


The sculptures started off as a side line to my gardening but  now my gardening is a side line to my ever growing sculpture and art business. I have managed to combine my love of gardening and art into a business which I absolutely love, Our shed  has now been turned into my workshop and small gallery which can be viewed by appointment.